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Tickle her fancy with a surcee that has a certain je ne sais quoi. From tiny treats that brighten tough weeks to grand gestures that bowl her over, you'll find your perfect present here!

Any gal can grab herself a little gift, but it means much more coming from you. Thrill her with these Surcee-approved selections, updated often with no-fail finds for any woman. Go ahead and start practicing your "oh, it was nothing!" face.

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200 Women

"This book speaks directly to the human experience of what existing in the world as a woman is like at this present moment. The book interviews 200 women from a variety of backgrounds providing a snapshot of female life from around the globe. As a female entrepreneur I personally find the book empowering and inspiring and am thrilled it resonates with so many customers, regardless of gender."

Get your copy of 200 Women at Good Market right on 16 S Main Street in Travelers Rest.

Jenny Walsh
Owner, Good Market
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