We're on a mission to make the local shopping experience even better

Surcee is the simple way to shop, share and support local businesses – at any hour and from anywhere.

Our mission

Why Surcee Exists

Born from a frustrating after-hours pursuit of the perfect gift, Surcee combines the rich offerings of local merchants with the ease of online superstores. Unable to browse and buy just the right surcee when he needed one, our founder knew there had to be a better way.

Enter Surcee, a virtual one-stop shop that brings Greenville merchants to your fingertips at any hour. Discover the distinctive gifts, brands and makers that set Greenville apart at Surcee.com, the local ‘store’ that never closes.

No need to peruse hundreds of websites or pound the pavement on your lunch hour; Surcee’s already done the legwork! In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Surcee curates a wide range of local businesses so you can find the best of Greenville’s offerings with one click.

Anytime you need a surcee, Surcee.com delivers.

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What does Surcee mean?

The word “surcee” has Scotch-Irish roots, but for generations has been Southern shorthand for a “just because” gift. Whether it’s a thank-you treat, Christmas present, or purely a pick-me-up, a surcee is meant to delight the recipient and express the love of the giver.

As a company, we can think of no better name. Adding ease, affection and community to the lives of others is what Surcee and surcees do best.

Surcee is trusted by some of Greenville's best small businesses

Are you a local shop owner?

We’re a hyper-local, always-open, one-stop shop for consumers to find the best of Greenville in one spot. With our deep community roots and rich understanding of the Upstate, Surcee is also a simple way for small businesses to tap into our audience without the time and expense of custom content or ad creation.

If own a store and you're ready to find your best customers, contact us below to get started.